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Medievalia - searching and telling the Middle Age – aims to collect and publish papers on medieval everyday life. The papers fulfill two approaches: scientific (researches, studies, analysis, speculations, and original contributions) and popular ones (bibliographic papers).

Each paper makes effort to communicate curiosity, passion, and amusement that authors feel and participate during the talks scheduled in Medievalia – lessons on Middle Age culture, organized since 2009 in celebrated medieval monuments in Southern Italy (Campania and Molise regions).

The paper are peer-rewieved and printed only in digital version.

The texts can be freely shared, copyed and redistributed in any medium or format, adapted, also remixed, transformed, and built upon for any purpose, even commercially, but you must keep intact all copyright notices for the works and give the original author credit to the authors that must be exactely quoted (CC BY-SA license).

all materials are released on CC BY-SA license

Medievalia, volume 1 - Dicembre 2013
Educazione, narrazione, spezie, bevande, colore e luce, cantieri raffigurati, misura del tempo

Pietro Di Lorenzo (editor)
paper by C.
Della Valle, G.  Del Prete, V. De Rosa, L. Di Giugno, P. Di Lorenzo, L. Donadio

scientific resposible: Pietro Di Lorenzo
scientific committe
(peer-rewievers): Chiara Della Valle, Gerardo Del Prete, Vincenzo De Rosa, Laura Di Giugno, Pietro Di Lorenzo, Luca Donadio
publisher: Associazione Culturale "Ave Gratia Plena" Limatola (BN)
co-publisher: Associazione Culturale "Francesco Durante"
drafting committee:: Renato Grasso (responsabile), Raffaele Bove, Valerio Marotta, Pietro Di Lorenzo

ISSN 2284-0303